Wife sharing club - Why Would You Do That? (Watch Your Wife With Another Man)

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Sharing club wife alert

Sharing club wife Can't Swing

Sharing club wife 'Couples Therapy'

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We played truth or dare, what did my wife get up to?

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Well One Day My Wife Aked Me If She Could Go To The Club With Her Friends T...

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Sharing club wife Why Would

Sharing club wife We played

'Couples Therapy' wife plans 'birthday orgy,' husband ditches it

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My wife shared a hotel room with a male colleague!


The conversation got heated regarding an up and coming sporting event.

  • Thank god for modern medicine.

  • Tell her next time to ask for a single room.

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After all, she has complete privacy, and if her husband comes home, she knows it will thrill him.

  • Also complete honesty between you both.

  • Some prefer to attend parties and participate in orgies like my wife and I, as we soon realized.

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